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Etymax is awarded BS EN 15038 Translation Quality Standard


Etymax is proud to announce to our clients that we have succeeded in achieving certification for the BS EN 15038 British Standard, the official stamp of approval that recognises the quality of our translations and operations.

logo_116Etymax is one of the first translation companies to achieve certification for the BS EN 15038 translation quality standard.

Most translation companies promise to deliver ‘high quality’ translation services but are unable to substantiate such claims. But how can you measure the quality standard you expect as a paying client?

BS EN 15038 is an industry-specific standard which examines how a translation company meets the challenges involved in delivering high quality translations. It is therefore the landmark quality standard for the translation service industry; only a small handful of translation companies have succeeded in achieving it.

While we have always insisted on providing the highest quality to our clients before the 15038 standard was even introduced, we believe the certification provides tangible proof of our commitment to quality, as well as reassurance to our clients that Etymax meets and exceeds translation quality standards our clients deserve and that the compliance requires. We also believe it will help us to stand out from the crowd of unknown, uncertified translation companies.

Why 15038 instead of ISO?

Unlike the generic family of quality management standards (ISO 9000, ISO 9001:2000), the BS EN 15038 standard stipulates that to be compliant, a translation company must demonstrate specific externally auditable processes and procedures in place to guarantee translation service quality.

For more information on BS EN 15038, please click on the logo at the bottom of this page.

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