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Architectural, construction and engineering

The global construction industry encompasses an array of disciplines – from architecture to civil engineering, structural engineering, quantity surveying, logistics and commercial construction. Not only prominent in the developed world, the construction industry is experiencing significant growth in emerging markets. It builds, it strengthens economies, it develops and rebuilds world disaster zones. And in every construction project, of paramount importance is effective, accurate communication. In every language.

Etymax’s project managers work with professional translators and subject matter experts to target your individual markets with high quality, robust translations and ensure optimum communications throughout your global projects.

Our work includes:

  • Translation of all digital and print requirements (contracts, tender documents, catalogues, user manuals, user safety data, employee/training handbooks, installation instructions)
  • Corporate communications (digital and print)
  • Contracts, leases, bids & tenders
  • Hazop studies & risk assessments
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Creation of multi-language glossaries to guarantee consistency of style and terminology
  • Alignment of translated content for reduction in cost and time to market
  • Artwork and proofreading of single/multiple language printed materials

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We offer language services for the following sectors: