Transcreation and Global
Advertising Translations

Transcreation and Global Advertising Translations

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Etymax offers a transcreation and consultancy service for agencies with pan-European and global accounts. Consider us a bolt-on solution that covers concept checking, transcreation, in-country copy consultancy, sub-editing and artwork in every language.

Involving us early in the creative process of a global campaign means we ensure translated copy reads as if originally written in the local language and that the copy retains the style and tone of the original creative source language copy.

Our global team of translators are accustomed to working to tone-of-voice and style guides. We make full use of local knowledge to sense check creative concepts, including feasibility studies on straplines, brand names, etc.

Words have power: the power to surprise, persuade, reassure, tempt, inform. Ensure your words are as powerful in all your global markets as they are at home.

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