Website Localisation and Translations

Website Localisation and Translations

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Etymax has long-standing expertise in translating and localising websites for global markets, making the content more visually appealing and user-friendly, which helps to create trust between customers and the business. Website localisation can help ensure that potential customers truly understand your company’s message, in every language.

Working to brief with tone-of-voice and style guides, we ensure expertise in cultural and linguistic adaptation for every web localisation project.

We work with the latest CAT tools to support xml/html formats to preserve tags and formatting in all languages and ensure correct encoding of final output files.

For all web projects we conduct upfront tests with your technical team as part of the project set up.

At set-up stage of all new localisation projects we recommend that we create an agreed glossary of translated terms for each target market. This ensures all future consistency and reduces time to market based on pre-approved terms.

In addition, we recommend we provide pre-project translation of key terms for SEO in all target languages.

All projects are undertaken in full compliance with our ISO 17100 global translation quality certification.

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