Human expertise meets modern technology

At Etymax, we understand that the linguistic and cultural nuances, subtleties and richness of language cannot be replicated by machines. While we invest in the latest translation tools and technology to ensure speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency, all translations are performed by our professional translators and are subject to thorough reviews and checks by qualified linguists, in compliance with the ISO 17100 global translation quality standard.

Our team of professional translators are qualified experts within specified industry sectors. Each Etymax translator is selected and trained to provide precise and culturally resonant translations. We believe that human insight and judgement are essential for capturing the intended message of a text, which no machine can accurately replicate.

While our translations are human-driven, Etymax leverages state-of-the-art technology and Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools to streamline our processes. These tools assist our linguist teams in maintaining consistency of terminology across large projects, enabling optimal turn-around times and costs efficiencies.

1. Translation Memory: Our CAT tools utilise translation memories that store previously translated segments. This enables us to provide consistent translations across different projects while also generating optimal time and cost efficiencies.
2. Terminology Management: We utilise technology to ensure that industry-specific terminology is translated accurately and consistently. Databases of approved terms are then stored and maintained for future leverage.
3. Quality Control: Our tech-enabled processes incorporate automated quality checks. These work in unison with our human translators and project managers to ensure error-free and consistent deliverables.
4. Data Security: We understand the value of your confidential information. We operate in accordance with the UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 and our secure servers guarantee security to keep your data safe.

We shape our services to fit your needs. If you wish to use our secure, online portal to monitor ongoing and delivered projects, we offer a modern solution that integrates with our project management system. This ensures you can download your documents online, view and approve quotes and stay informed of your project’s status.

Our commitment to excellence

At Etymax, we combine human expertise with the benefits of technology to deliver a high-quality translation service you can trust.

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