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Nowruz Mubarak! A festival that celebrates light and life.


Nowruz Mubarak!

Being part of the global community means that at Etymax we have no shortage of festivals, commemorations and landmarks to celebrate!

And if the spring equinox, the official end to the winter season, wasn’t enough to look forward to, we have the hope-filled festival of Nowruz that celebrates light and life.

Often referred to as the Persian new year, the 3000 year old celebration spreads further than Iran– to Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and even parts of China!

Nowruz literally means “new day”, which encapsulates the joyful and optimistic outlook of the holiday.

As might be expected from its substantial history, the festival is rich in traditions and symbolism. From fire-leaping to releasing goldfish, there are many lively ways to take part! Bountiful Haft Seen grace many an Iranian table—a centrepiece composed of 7 (the world’s most auspicious number!) items beginning with the letter S.  We enjoy a puzzle or two here at Etymax, so see if you can guess the symbolic significance of each of these items:

  1. Sabzeh (sprouted grain)
  2. Sib (apples)
  3. Sir (garlic)
  4. Somagh (sumac berries)
  5. Serkeh (vinegar)
  6. Senjed (a dried stone fruit, similar to dates)
  7. Samanoo (wheat-based pudding)

You can find the answers to the above in the following source:

When localising content for international markets, understanding the symbolism behind your brand and message is vital to your global success. Etymax offers translation and localisation services that are engaged and in-tune with local cultural concepts. A truly inclusive language service provider, no matter where your words take you.

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Blog by Catherine Beagent, Etymax

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