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Q. How do we charge for translations?

A. Translations are charged on a word basis. We have standard rates per 1000 words for all languages. For smaller amounts of text there are minimum fees while services such as proofreading, consultancy etc are charged at an hourly rate.

Q. How do we charge for interpreting, voice-overs?

A. Interpreters and voice-over recording artists are charged at an hourly or daily rate.

Q. How long do translations take?

A. On average 1-3 days for 2000 words. We always build our time required for Quality Assurance into the turnaround time of a project. We prioritise if translations are required more urgently and always confirm delivery dates on translation go-ahead.

Q. What language is spoken where?

A. Given changing political boundaries this is constantly evolving. We will advise, for example, whether to use Traditional or Simplified Chinese, in addition to queries on appropriate languages for European, South American, Arabic and African countries.

Q. Are there any design issues to bear in mind?

A. We will advise on any relevant design issues, e.g. information on “range right” alphabets (right to left reading) such as Arabic and Hebrew or allowing extra space for languages which overrun English such as German.

Q. What does our name mean?

A. Etymax comes from the study of word sources that is “etymology” and “maximising” language potential.

Q. Are some things “untranslatable”?

A. Not everything can be translated literally. Certain idioms and phrases are unique to a country or language and need to be adapted or rewritten rather than translated. We ensure that nothing gets lost in translation but retains the meaning, nuances or humour of the original.

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