Linguistic expertise

Our Linguistic expertise 

Language is more than just words and phrases; it also encapsulates culture, context and emotion. At Etymax, we recognise the importance of linguistic nuances, and that’s why our carefully selected team of linguists and translators are qualified and tested professionals working with specialised terminologies exclusively into their native language.

Our linguists are not only language experts; they are passionate about the culture and richness of language, and strive to bring authenticity and depth to every translation. Each one is suitably qualified in translation and undergoes a rigorous testing to ensure they meet translation industry standards in accuracy, proficiency and expertise.

Working exclusively into their native language, our linguists are highly skilled in the subtleties and idiomatic expressions that make a language unique. This enables them to translate not just words, but also emotion, context, and cultural relevance.

Etymax’s linguists specialise in diverse fields such as medical, technical, marketing, corporate and much more. Our expertise in industry-specific terminologies ensures that your translations resonate with the intended audience, without losing the essence of the original text.

Rigorous translator selection process: We select our translators based on their qualifications, experience, and specialisms. Extensive testing and evaluation ensure that only the best meet our translator selection criteria in line with the translation industry’s ISO 17100 standard.

Continuous training: Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end at recruitment. Continuous training and development programmes, as well as monitoring continued professional development, ensure that our linguists stay ahead of the latest industry trends and terminologies.

Quality Assurance: Etymax’s quality assurance process integrates human insight with technology, guaranteeing that all your translations meet our stringent quality standards.

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