Clinical Trial Translations

Clinical Trial Translations

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Quality, efficiency and expertise for your global clinical trials translations.

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Accredited with the ISO 17100 global translation quality standard and 28 years of experience working with leading global sponsors, CROs, pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare and medical device companies, Etymax is a leading provider of translation services for global clinical trials. Our team of professional clinical trial translators and linguists and dedicated project managers will provide you with:

  • Accurate, professional, optimum quality language solutions for global clinical studies, covering all stages of an investigational drug, vaccine, product or therapy – from patent and product development through to commercialisation.
  • Proven experience in the clinical trials process and in meeting time-critical deadlines. We ensure the delivery of accurate, timely translations for all your submissions of your global clinical trials.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience working according to regulatory authority requirements, we are experienced in working comments and feedback into the translations and working with templates where required.

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Regular clinical translation projects include:

  • Study Protocols and Synopses
  • Informed Consent Forms and Assent Forms for Minors
  • Protocol Amendments
  • SmPCs
  • IMPDs
  • IP Sample Labels
  • PILs
  • Investigator Brochures
  • Patient Diaries
  • Patient Recruitment & Retention Materials
  • Patient Alert Cards
  • Patient Logistics Materials
  • CA/EC/IRB/IEC Submissions & Approvals
  • Site Contracts and CTAs
  • Case Management Reports (SAE, SUSAR, DSUR, ICSR)
  • Pharmacovigilance Documentation
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs)
  • CGI Scales
  • Clinical Reports

All projects and data are handled in accordance with GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act.

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