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Editing services (Editing, verification, proofreading)

Etymax offers editing, verification, sub-editing and proofreading services for all your translated content.

In full compliance with our ISO 17100 quality standard, our specialised editing service will check your translations and highlight any linguistic errors or inconsistencies. This can range from errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation through to major mistranslations, ambiguities, or inconsistencies in terminology.

Our translation verification service will take your translated content and check against the source text for accuracy and quality assurance. We will also check that your translation adheres to the style and tone of the original, whilst keeping the target market in mind.

Our proofreading service will check your multilingual artwork or web site for typographical and design errors. We can advise on the correct accents, punctuation, word breaks and spacing issues. If preferred, we can implement all corrections into your original design files.

Sub-editing services

Whether you have a magazine, annual report or marketing materials that has been translated elsewhere, Etymax offers a full sub-editing service to ensure your peace of mind before your publication goes to print.

The sub-editing process involves Etymax’s sub-editing service includes the following steps to ensure accuracy and quality of translated content:

Of the translation for meaning, context, and intent of the source text.

By comparing the translation and the original source text for accurate conveyance of the main messages, facts and nuances – as well as highlighting any mistranslations, omissions or additions.

Of all grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure in the translation, as well as the style, tone and voice which may require adjustment for improved flow, clarity and consistency.

For consistency in terminology throughout the translation. This includes key terms as well as technical or industry-specific terms. We will request your glossary and style guide, if available.

For cultural nuances, idioms and local references specific to the target audience, suggesting any recommended adjustments to make the translation more culturally appropriate.

To align it with the design guidelines of your publication. This may require revision and shortening of headings and captions to fit available space in artwork, as well as adjustments to other formatted elements to maintain layout integrity ensure optimum visual appeal and consistency across all language versions.

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