Translation and Transcreation
for the Gaming Industry

Translation and Transcreationfor the Gaming Industry

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Bring your game to life and let players worldwide enjoy your creation with Etymax’s video game translation services.

Localisation is key to a successful video game translation. Our teams are experts in localising cultural references, images and other elements that call for a tailored approach in each language. This involves not only modifying in-game text and dialogue, but also replacing or adapting cultural references and images to deliver the same impact to players in the target region. The result will enable your new audiences to engage better with your game, ensuring its success in your new markets.

With this approach, game developers can rest assured that their games will be well received all over the world and will attract global players.

Regular translation projects include:

  • Game text
  • Menus
  • Instructions
  • Support and help information
  • Dialogue
  • Subtitles

All gaming projects are undertaken in full compliance with Etymax’s annual certification in ISO 17100 global translation quality standard.

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