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What is Transcreation?

In today’s globalised world, marketing and advertising are essential tools for businesses to reach their target audiences in different countries and cultures. However, to effectively convey the intended message that resonates with the target audience, the process of transcreation comes into play.

At Etymax, we specialise in transcreation services tailored to meet your marketing and advertising needs.

Transcreation is the process that goes beyond traditional translation, by freely adapting content from one language to another while preserving the style, tone and intended message of the original. Literally the combination of translation and creation, transcreation helps brands retain their impact across global communications to diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes. 

Whether it’s web content, marketing materials, advertising copy, or slogans, we take your source content and transform it into target versions that read as though they were originally created in your respective target languages.

Etymax’s transcreation process gives full consideration to the linguistic and cultural nuances, values and traditions to create content that will resonate with the local target audience. This includes adapting regional idioms, incorporating cultural icons, and considering local dialects and preferences.

We adapt the underlying ideas behind humour and puns  – which simply do not work in literal translation – to ensure that your intended message is conveyed after translation, engaging with your target audience.

As with our localisation process, we will also advise you where an image, symbol, name or colour may need to be replaced or modified, as well as any technical modifications required for the currency and units of measurement of the target market.

We can also provide back-translations to illustrate how your original content has been freely adapted through its transcreation. The back-translation allows you to review and approve the final versions, but also provides valuable insight into how your content will connect with your target audience.

For the full list of the languages we transcreate into and from, please click here.

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