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Working with worldwide clients since 1996, Etymax is one of the leading global language service providers for businesses across multiple sectors

We are a leading translation agency renowned for our exceptional expertise in diverse fields, including biotech, corporate, creative and technical sectors. By leveraging our extensive knowledge in these areas, we are able to deliver precise and accurate translations tailored to the unique requirements of each industry.

At Etymax, our team of expert in-house project managers works hand in hand with a vast network of global top-tier linguists to help businesses in all key sectors translate and localise their specialised terminologies. As a result, our clients can effectively communicate their messages to a global audience in various international markets.

The history of Etymax.

Etymax was founded in 1996 by its two Directors, Fiona Johnstone Beausoleil and Sally West, who initially crossed paths in the world of translation and localisation in 1988.

Since then, much has changed and evolved. Embracing new technologies and investing in staff training, Etymax has undergone a significant transformation. While we are no longer delivering translations by courier, our core values remain unchanged. Moreover, Etymax has adapted and continues to adapt to the shifting landscape of the translation industry, positioning itself as one of the pioneering language service providers. By offering optimal solutions for global digital and print requirements, we have maintained our competitive edge.

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