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Subtitling, transcription and translation of video content

Subtitling requires linguistic specialisation to translate dialogue into the target language while retaining the intended meaning and context of the source script.

With the rise of video platforms and streaming services, subtitles now play a regular part in our daily lives – and there is a growing demand for videos to be increasingly accessible to wide-ranging audiences.

Etymax has extensive experience working with scripts, subtitles and voice-overs for corporate videos, presentations, video games, commercials and apps. We work with apps and games developers as well as multinational direct clients and content marketing agencies on commercial and corporate videos.

Our expert team uses client specifications and style guides while ensuring that all cultural nuances and references are adapted for the target markets, as well as adhering to character limits.

Etymax’s professional subtitling service ensures that translations are performed to allow the subtitles to appear and disappear together with the corresponding dialogue, while also ensuring that the text remains on screen long enough for the reader to take the message on board. (Based on the reading speed of humans, subtitles should be limited to 35-42 characters per line with a maximum of 2 lines.)

Etymax’s subtitling translation services include:

  • Transcription
  • Translation of subtitles with linguistic consultancy
  • Cultural adaptation of scripts
  • Delivery of time-coded scripts
  • Review and proofreading of the final subtitles in video to ensure accuracy, readability, consistency and cultural suitability

All projects are fully compliant with our ISO 17100 global translation quality certification.

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