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What is Localisation?

Localisation is more than translation. Localisation is the tailored adaptation of a product or service to fulfil the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of a specific language and target market.

Its aim: to make the product or service more accessible and appealing to the local users in that target market.

The process of localisation services involves not only translation but also the local linguistic and cultural aspects of a target region, as well as technical considerations. A successfully localised product or service is one that offers a seamless user experience where the product appears to have been developed from within the target market.

Whether you require translation of your marketing materials, web content, an app or a software product, Etymax has over 27 year of expertise in the localised translation and adaptation of content for new target regions, while retaining the intended message and impact of your source text.

Etymax’s dedicated localisation service takes into account the following aspects to ensure your product or service will succeed in your target market:

  • Translation of your content in compliance with Etymax’s ISO 17100  global translation quality standard. This includes translation, editing and proofreading by professional linguists who are expert in your sector. Our translation process gives full consideration to the linguistic and cultural nuances, regional idioms, cultural icons, local dialect and other aspects specific to the target language.

  • Cultural Adaptation: We adapt your source content to be appropriate to the culture of your target audience – its values and traditions. We will advise you where an image, symbol, name or colour may need to be replaced or adapted, as well as the technical considerations such as the currency and units of measurement of the target market.

  • User Interface (UI): We aim to provide a seamless target language user experience for your games, apps, and software. The UI element of our localisation process includes adaptation of navigation text, menus, and buttons to accommodate your target language and its regional layout preferences. This often includes modification of text length for buttons, and reversal of layouts for right-to-left reading languages.

For the full list of the languages we localise into and from, please click here.

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